Have you ever considered what your favourite gemstone says about you? Sometimes we just like the things we like because they are beautiful, but the question of what type of person you are because of your favourite gemstone is an interesting one to consider. There is more to gemstones than meets the eye. The stunning components hold more than an exquisite appearance, they also resonate with the wearer who sports the piece of jewellery that the gemstone is featured on.

Take a look at what each gemstone represents, and how this might resonate with you and your character:

Amethyst (February Birthstone)

Amethysts are known for their vibrant purple appearance. They are considered to be rather common but not as rare as the other gemstones, but they still hold a credible value that is represented by their stunning appearance.

People who opt for amethyst as their gemstone of choice are often considered to be calmer, gentler beings who appreciate the divine things in life. Amethyst is also thought to be a symbol of healing and purification. People who wear amethyst are also thought to give a sense of safety and calm to those around them. They are comforting people who share their peaceful outlook on life with those around them!

Diamond (April Birthstone)

The staple birthstone that many, if not most people are thought to have worn, is the universal diamond. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they say, and you can find some stunning gems from everyday items like earrings to even engagement rings.

People who favour diamonds are thought to reflect perfection and faithfulness. People who sport diamonds are likely to be very trustworthy and committed to their relationships with others. If you wear diamonds, it can also signify you have a love for knowledge and you enjoy expanding your intellectual knowledge!

Emerald (May Birthstone)

Emerald gemstones are very unique yet adored stones that make a statement. Their bold green shade shows their individuality, whilst also highlighting their deep-rooted beauty.

People who opt for emerald gemstones are known to prioritise kindness towards others, as it is in their nature. Emerald also represents rebirth and good luck, so it is said that people who adore emeralds often experience good luck spells, or if they experience change in their lives they usually stay optimistic.

Ruby (July Birthstone)

The properties of rubies essentially make them the alternative to emeralds, however, their deep rich red colour makes them a huge crowd-pleaser. If someone is wearing rubies, they make a statement by wearing expressive pieces of jewellery that are extremely noticeable.

If ruby is your favourite gemstone, it would likely mean that you are confident and unapologetic. You are not afraid of attracting attention as you know it will always be the right attention. You like what you like, and often do not deter from your opinions no matter what others say!

Overall, gemstones all have their unique meaning. Your choice of gemstone, whether you wear them as vintage earrings or even as a ring, will subconsciously connote your attitude in life. Wearing our favourite gemstones makes us seem more confident and true to ourselves!