Gone are the days when studded headbands and oversized scrunchies were a statement hair accessory. The lines of what defines a hair accessory have been completely blurred, allowing just about anything to be a hair accessory—even some incredibly distinctive items.

It Girls and fashion-forward individuals have always played with accessories. When everyone stayed in the confines, they dared to stand out. But recently, we’ve noticed a number of influencers, celebrities, and more bolding going where no one else has ventured before. Let’s rewind to April 2021 when model Stacey Louidor adorned her braids with none other than belly button rings.

Stacey told Allure she came up with the idea while in quarantine. We’ve seen piercings being used before in hair, but never something as creative as this. And Stacey’s not the only one. The trendsetter inspired model La’Shaunae Steward to try out their own version of adding belly button piercings to their strands. Rather than fastening them to their braids, La’Shaunae positioned them in a face-framing way starting at the top of their head.

Once TikTok got a hold of this trend, it was everywhere. Piercings aren’t just for your body anymore. Even earrings are being used as hair accessories. We first saw this trend on TikToker Emily Robinson. She added them to the ends of her braided tendrils in her iconic space buns hairstyle. Her followers went wild with this information. Ever since then, we’ve seen ear piercings being added to people’s locks more and more. Something about the summer really inspires people creatively.

But it’s not just piercings that are getting their strand spotlight. Graphic designer Vick Cammie had us in a tailspin over their use of iPod Shuffles as hair clips. These Y2K relics have a purpose once again, though it is not one we would’ve expected.

Singer Dua Lipa had some fun with this unconventional hair accessories trend as well. She posted a gallery of images with a few showcasing her lighter hair clips. Yes, lighter hair clips. That’s one way to reduce, reuse, and recycle old lighters. Maybe Dua’s onto something here?

The Lit Clips are made by Corrina Goutos and will set you back $180. Sadly, the lighter isn’t functional, though that’s probably for the best. Who knows what kind of travesties would happen if they were.

We’re excited to see which other unconventional items become hair accessories in the upcoming months. Here’s hoping each one is more out of the ordinary than the next.

Though not an odd trend, but a trend nonetheless, we’re obsessing over butterfly clips yet again. In fact, THESE butterfly clip hairstyles have us ready to go back to 1999!

Anything Can Be a Hair Accessory–Here’s Proof