TOMBOGO And MOFT Return For SS24 Paris Fashion Week

TOMBOGO, a fashion brand known for utilitarianism, sustainability, and experimental designs, debuted at Paris Fashion Week with a Spring/Summer 2024 runway show on June 22nd, 2023. Originally from Oakland, California, Tommy Bogo launched his brand TOMBOGO in 2015 and officially established the LLC in 2021. Since then, Bogo has established his brand under the guise of functional design.

TOMBOGO has gained recognition in the fashion industry, showcasing its previous collections at New York Fashion Week for the past four seasons. Within those shows, they have found a partner in creation, manifesting accessories that connect the dots of luxury and functionality. After their initial collaboration, MOFT and TOMBOGO recognized the need for further innovation and growth, tapping into the same creative channels for the SS24 collection.

TOMBOGO embarked on a rebranding process titled “The Future is Bright,” emphasizing their dedication to luxury goods, premium materials, and refined designs, seen in the 30-look Paris runway show. The collection featured new silhouettes, innovative materials such as 3D printed mesh and premium leather, vegan leather made from pineapples, and a fresh brand logo.

Subsequently, MOFT helped expand that narrative, catering to the creative community and displaying its interpretation of practical solutions for the evolving needs of innovators and fashionistas.

Julianna He, the founder, and CEO of MOFT, says, “The TOMBOGO x MOFT collaboration brings together two industry-leading brands. Our common values are rooted in Bay Area’s pioneering culture, and functional aesthetics serve as our common language.” As TOMBOGO puts fashion onto the backs of creatives, MOFT and He want creatives to have the same versatility when using their devices, taking them with them everywhere and showing the world their savvy yet fashionable tech aesthetic.

MOFT is an innovative lifestyle brand designing functional products for busy creators. They strive to blend practicality and style in their product offering a range of tech accessories, including phone cases, phone stands, wallets, and carry sleeves. After their initial collaboration, both brands recognized the need for further innovation and growth and teamed up again, this time for Men’s Paris Fashion Week.

This collaboration emerged during their first joint venture at New York Fashion Week, where Tommy Bogo, the designer of TOMBOGO, admired MOFT’s innovative approach to versatile designs. Since then, MOFT and TOMBOGO have formed a partnership based on their shared vision of innovation and breakthroughs.

TOMBOGO’s “Functional Fashion” design principle aligns with MOFT’s commitment to “Practical Aesthetics,” creating a seamless aesthetic between the brands, signaled by detailing logos on products and luxe features.

“As creators and marketers who work flexibly on the go, our future work approach is goal-oriented, providing smart solutions that enable mobile creators to switch and focus quickly,” Julianna He identifies. “The ‘Future Is Bright’ collection embodies both brands’ perspectives on the future and lifestyle while incorporating TOMBOGO’s color branding.”

TOMBOGO has also expanded its accessories line for this season, introducing new sunglasses, handbags, and footwear, including the Light Bulb Bag, while sunglasses featured styles like Wireless and Sound Proof Glasses. They have worked with Nike for this season, incorporating a range of Nike’s latest Air Attack and Vomero silhouettes throughout the collection.

TOMBOGO also unveiled the Dial-Up Derby shoes in collaboration with ESENES WORLDWIDE. Additionally, the utilitarian fashion brand collaborates with circular materials innovator Ambercycle to create garments incorporating circular polyester and utilizes Cycora, a regenerated material made from end-to-life textiles.

From TOMBOGO x MOFT, The Invisible Stand Laptop Sleeve is designed to seamlessly transition from a MacBook accessory during creative work to a protective accessory for carrying during idol hours. The Dynamic Series Phone Kit has quick angle support for iPhones, allowing users effortlessly ease between a practical product and fashionable accessories. It also facilitates the extraction of essential cards during commuting.

Featured in prominent publications like New York magazine’s ‘The Cut’ and the LA Times, TOMBOGO, in collaboration with lifestyle brand MOFT, create tech accessories that combine practicality and style for everyday use. The MOFT x TOMBOGO collection, featuring items like the Sling Case Set and Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet, will be available in July on both official websites.