It’s officially way colder out than we’d like it to be, but there’s a silver lining: We can finally cozy up and keep warm by a roaring fireplace. Nothing beats the smell, light, and sound of a crackling fire. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves—first, make sure you are ready to go with all the best fireplace accessories and tools. From screens to andirons, ash boxes, all-in-one sets, firewood storage pieces, fenders, and frames, we rounded up everything you need in a variety of styles to stay warm safely and in style. Plus, we even included a couple of accessories for those of you with a nonfunctioning fireplace that could use a little decorating love. So without further ado, shop the 21 best fireplace accessories and tools ahead.


Antique Brass Fireplace Screen

Somehow both simple and formal, this antique-inspired brass fireplace screen strikes the right balance between contemporary and classic, making it ideal for any space. 


Emma Fireplace Tools

A matte army green base with brass joineries gives this standard fireplace tool set a unique, cool spin.  


1960s Midcentury Fireplace Screen

If your space is cheeky, fun, and full of color, choose a screen that can hold its own. 


French Ornate Gilded Brass Extending Fender

Frame your hearth with a fanciful and beautiful accessory like this one. 


Willow Fireplace Screen

A glass screen will allow you to see the flames more clearly and also feels modern. 


Decoteau No Mess Ash Box

Those standing tool sets can be beautiful, but a practical ash box will definitely come in handy, too. Add it to the collection to stay extra tidy. 


Firewood Tote

Leather plus brass is the ultimate fireplace accessory combo. All you need is a spritz of Biblioteque room spray from Byredo to complete the sexy library atmosphere. 


Fireplace Frame in Chromed Metal from Kappa, 1970s

An elegant and radical chrome frame will take any fireplace facade to the next level. Install this if yours doesn’t have a mantel or replace your current one. 


Brass-Capped Log Holder

Store your firewood in this curvy piece that takes notes from classic French designs without the hefty price tag of an antique. 


Set of Two Berenson Cheetah Fenders

It doesn’t get any cooler than this pair of cheetah fenders. 


Frame Indoor/Outdoor Log Holder

Plan on lighting many a fire this season? Make sure you have a place for all the firewood you’ll be using! 


Port fireplace tools, black

The soft bend of the base along with the curve of the hooks contrasts with the elongated straight edges of the tools a refreshing yet understated take. 


4-Piece Bend Gold Standing Fireplace Tool Set

Shiny and angular, this gold fireplace tool set will add a little glam t the living room. 


Paige Andirons (Set of 2)

Here’s a modern way to prop up your firewood. 


Graphic Fireplace Tools

Or, if you’d prefer to take to a more modern route, opt for this brass and black set. 


Early 20th Century Brass Fender

A vintage fender will keep the mess more contained in style. 


Log Holder, Darkbrown/White

A leather caddy makes it easier to bring your wood to and fro. 


Mid-Century Brass & Walnut Round Fireplace Tool Set

If you. love the warmth of wood finishes, this is the fireplace tool set for you. 


Amos Polished Stainless Steel Fireplace Screen

Fold it up and tuck it away when not in use or open it up for a screen with dimension when the fire is roaring. 


Fireplace Wood Bellows

If you’re already keeping the house warm with a real fireplace, then you may as well stay super old school with a bellow to maintain the flames. 


Brass Fireplace Candelabra

Don’t have a working fireplace? Place this inside or in front of it to create the same cozy atmosphere you’d get from a real roaring fire. 

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