Courtesy of Unsplash, Photo by Denny Müller

If traditional gold wedding rings just aren’t your thing, check out these meaningful options to exchange when you say, “I do.”

Gone are the traditional days when every couple gets married inside of a church with the bride wearing a blusher veil. Weddings have taken on a whole new look and approach for this most precious of life’s events. Brides and grooms have chosen to exchange vows outdoors at a favorite hiking spot or invited close friends and family to board a plane to an exotic location for a destination wedding. Other couples have opted for a country feel with the ceremony conducted while on horseback and a quaint reception inside of a barn. 

And wedding rings are no exception.

“The ancient Egyptians believed in the vena amoris, literally the “vein of love” that runs directly from the heart to the fourth finger on the left hand,” says Vanity Fair.

In the Roman empire, wedding rings, typically made of leather or bone, were exchanged and placed on the fourth finger. The tradition of honoring the “vein of love,” a vein running from the heart to the fourth finger gave that finger the name, “the ring finger.” Since that time, rings have been exchanged as a meaningful part of the wedding ceremony, signifying the unending dedication of the couple—as rings themselves have no end. A surge of diamond popularity began when de Beer’s launched its “A Diamond is Forever” campaign. And couples commonly exchanged gold rings, with the bride also receiving a diamond engagement ring.

But what if gold and diamonds just aren’t your thing? Or you cannot wear rings due to work restrictions or allergies? Try these jewelry alternatives for wedding rings.

Find Unique Ring Material

Many people cannot wear metal jewelry while working or playing sports or because of allergies. So they opt for silicone rings that provide a flexible and durable alternative to metal rings. Carbon fiber rings are a budget-friendly option that functions close to a metal ring. Maui rings, made of hypoallergenic materials, provide a variety of style options without compromising the quality of the ring.

Consider Other Pieces of Jewelry

Exchange necklaces that you’ll wear every day. Choose a charm that symbolizes your love and is unique to the one wearing the necklace. Consider interlocking charms where each piece can be worn by a separate person.

Custom bracelets, with each others’ names or a meaningful saying, can also signify your undying love as you exchange the bracelets and wear them every day. These bracelets can be made of metal, string, leather, or a variety of materials to fit your style.

Body piercings enable you to enjoy the piercing experience and have styled rings or studs to wear each day of your life. Choose studs with each other’s birthstones or a ring from the country you visited on your honeymoon. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s special for the two of you.

Exchange an Experience That Lasts

Matching tattoos are becoming a more popular way to spend time together while creating lasting symbols of your love. Research designs that can touch on your individual uniqueness as well as how beautiful your love is together.

Get creative and artsy when you’re making a display piece for your home together. Think of a painting, sculpture, or sand art that you both contribute to and symbolizes your love for decades to come.

Plant a tree or craft a new custom brew—together. Watch the tree sprout, grow, and take shape for years to come. And be sure to plan to install a tree swing or set a bench underneath the shade of the leaves. And for the brew connoisseurs, take the time to learn the craft and create a flavor to tickle your tastebuds and encompass your devotion to each other. Don’t forget to design a fun, unique, and sentimental label for your new brew.

Whatever you choose to exchange on your big day, trust that you will find just the right piece to give and receive from your beloved.