CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – If you ship a lot of packages during the holiday season or shop online, you can expect to pay more and wait longer for those deliveries.

Starting Friday, October 1, the Postal Service will change delivery times for first class packages traveling long distances up to five days instead of two or three.

Starting October 3, there’s a temporary price adjustment for mailing packages during the busy season.

One boutique owner said she already feels the impact.

”In the end, it does directly affect the end customer,” said Mollie Young.

Mollie Young owns Mollies boutique in Cape Girardeau and she already faces high shipping costs and delivery delays.

“We’re usually able to order some supplemental inventory later on in the season and it get to us and for us, we just can’t depend on that this year so we’re having to place a lot more orders ahead of time to be prepared for the entire season,” said Young.

The higher cost of it all causes Young to make some price adjustments.

Her online customers might notice some changes once the postal service implements its new service standards and raises prices for the holiday season.

“If its nine dollars to ship a shirt, and during that time, its 15 dollars, unfortunately it’s just one of those things where we just can’t absorb all of that ourselves,” said Young.

She ships with the postal service, but not all the time.

“Some items, depending on the size, it is actually cheaper for us to go with places like FedEx or ups, so it’s kind of become a little bit more difficult for us to estimate shipping costs for people,” said Young.

A statement from USPS says first class mail traveling within a local area will continue to take a couple of days, but one or two more days could be added for long distance packages.

“We’ve shipped to California, we’ve shipped to New York, we’ve shipped to Montana, just random places,” said Young.

One online shopper said she’s planning ahead after hearing this news.

“With everything going on all together with the shipping delays and stores not having what they need to have, it definitely makes online shopping more appealing, but I’m going to have to get ahead of the game this time and get it together and order before they’re going to be doing delays,” said Kaylin Essner.

According to the postal service, the cost of shipping will go down December 26th.

Postal service workers recommend you plan ahead and send your long distance mail early.

You can find more information about the delivery delays here.

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