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Nowadays, it’s become commonplace to interact with celebrities and to get an intimate glimpse into their daily lives—we have social media to thank for that. However, there are still a number of celebrities that remain distant. It’s a rare occasion when we see the likes of Beyoncé out and about or when we see a new paparazzi image of Frank Ocean. We could probably count the number of times Ocean has been spotted this year on one hand, but whenever he is caught by the papz or makes a public appearance, he is dressed to the nines.

This year, the “Novacane” singer has satisfied our eye candy craving a bit more than previous years of being completely incognito. He launched his new luxury jewelry brand, Homer, which led to hearing about the latest in Ocean’s life in new interviews and most importantly, new pictures. Ocean also attended this year’s Met Gala in a full Prada ensemble complimented with Homer diamonds and, to add to his mystical aura, he carried a special, robotic friend who was the perfect accessory. In honor of another year round of the sun, we’ve collected the rare images of Frank’s most stylish moments.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Ocean!

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