Emily Cooper is staying in Paris, which means fans can look forward to more fabulous fashion moments.

Emily in Paris star William Abadie, who plays Antoine Lambert in the Netflix series, recently told Page Six that costume designer Marylin Fitoussi wanted to feature new designers in Season 3. 

“We all spent quite a bit of time in those dressing rooms and [Fitoussi] made a point to include new designers this season,” the actor shared. “[It’s] a sign of the times to take the high-end designers, the new designers and also go to the thrift shop and bring in antiques and vintage pieces.”

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“It helps elevate [the show] and bring diversity in the fashion,” Abadie added.

Fitoussi took over the role as lead costume designer from Patricia Field, whom she previously collaborated on the costumes with, for the new season, according to Women’s Wear Daily