Owning built and presented restricted version and bespoke jewels for Kaviar & Form and Roseark, two Los Angeles boutiques that she co-started, Kathy Rose is opening a new chapter in spring 2023. Her most current undertaking, named Argyle & Valentine, is an online and physical notion keep powered out of regard for character and love of human artwork and artisanship. Fueled by Rose’s appreciation for rare, handmade luxuries, the corporation title is derived from her children’s middle names. “Our vision and mission,” she stated in a telephone interview, “is to present restricted version and just one-of-a-type treasures that embody organic components, refined artisanship, unparalleled beauty, energies and strategies brought to life by impartial designers and makers. Argyle & Valentine provides creations by artisans and wonderful artists that are unavailable wherever else.”

Although Argyle & Valentine launched on March 20, 2023, a thoroughly stocked site will be stay at the stop of April 2023. According to jewelry designer Karma El Khalil, whose career Rose released around 20 decades ago, “Love is Kathy’s raison d’être. It is why she creates and offers jewelry, art and lifestyle-similar luxuries that are sought soon after by people from all more than the world.” As Rose set it, “www.argyleandvalentine.com will retail on-line, additionally give private appointments pretty much, and in-particular person. The internet site,” she ongoing, “emerged out of my need to operate intently with a team of designers and makers to curate critical jewelry and other collectibles for persons looking for unusually attractive points. I also imagine the internet site as a digital aesthetic refuge and a pleasurable on the net purchasing expertise.” Thanks to the site’s visible designer, Myrna Rosales and Argyle & Valentine’s dwelling photographer Marco Gallico, “I sense we have established a gorgeous online vacation spot,” Rose included. Considering that the 1990s, Rose’s bespoke pieces and superior-conclusion customized jewel models have been gathered by clients in Los Angeles, New York, London and Miami, and worn onstage and off by innovative artists and jewellery collectors like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Elizabeth Taylor and Meryl Streep.

Though Rose’s patterns have often concerned nature-primarily based motifs this sort of as wings, feathers, claws, serpents, talons, moons and other celestial bodies, there is a everyday living-like, full-bodied realism to her bejeweled creatures that is obviously sleek: her designs are the reverse of literal, sentimental symbolism. Developing with equal facility in 18-karat gold, platinum and sterling silver, Rose also has a massive entire body of organically baroque sterling and turquoise jewels in her portfolio. The hundreds of jewels that she has developed are distinguished by integrity of structure, artisanal finesse, superb materials and heirloom value. (All of Rose’s jewels had been, and are, handmade by learn artisans in Los Angeles.)

In the realm of household rarities, Argyle & Valentine will present several fantastic lifestyle goods as nicely as good art. The initial Argyle & Valentine featuring also features an eponymous critical oil and crushed gemstone candle collection housed in reliable environmentally friendly onyx and smooth grey marble containers. “Our scents include things like roses and crushed rubies, pine and crushed emeralds, lavender and crushed amethysts,” Rose noted.

Rose additional fulfills the Argyle & Valentine artisanal mission by presenting a curated variety of 19th century European estate diamond jewellery and sleek, modern day jewels these kinds of as her “Rattlesnake” collar manufactured of baguette diamonds, platinum and 18-karat white gold. Some of Argyle & Valentine’s one-of-a-form jewels include Jes Maharry’s “Sun is Rising” 18-karat yellow gold and diamond cuff bracelet. Featuring a diamond-centered sunburst, this talismanic statement piece is inscribed with uplifting messages on its interior. Tapping into the common human affinity for sunshine and photo voltaic power, Maharry’s cuff bracelet suits individuals wanting jewels built with refined artisanship, radiant natural beauty and poetry.

Perez Bitan’s 1-of-a-kind “Botanical Rarities” multi-layered leaf necklace and leafy, tendril tiara in sterling silver exemplify the Argyle & Valentine nature-centered and artisan-driven ethos. So do K. Brunini’s iridescent opal, ruby and diamond earrings established in salvaged copper pieces which is dealt with with proprietary patinas and riveted with each other with 18-karat gold. K. Brunini’s founder, the goldsmith and jewellery designer Katey Brunini, noticed, “It’s relatively rare for a higher-end boutique proprietor to operate with the similar designers over the class of decades. Right after 25 several years of performing with Kathy Rose in numerous incarnations,” Brunini said, “I see her as a innovative force who is able to transcend developments and build a legacy.”

Other jewelry designers to be highlighted by Argyle & Valentine include things like Property of RAVN, which in addition to jewelry is producing intricately detailed 18-karat gold and gemstone-studded chess sets designed with the dropped wax strategy. As for Elyse Jacob’s selection, Rose commented, “These jewels have a polished punk however typical silhouette which is quite stylish in 18-karat gold with inverted pink diamonds and pearls. It is a sculptural, fiercely exquisite glance with angular sparkle and glowing pearls.”

Manya and Roumen, who have been functioning with Rose for quite a few years, are also section of the Argyle & Valentine spouse and children, as is Los Angeles-based Indigenous American designer Stormie, who generates beaded jewels of primal magnificence which are worn onstage and off by Mick Jagger, among other people. Then there is Malibu-based 1 Moon Cashmere, with whom Rose collaborates on celestial, diamond-studded 18-karat gold feather moon necklaces in addition the significant-influence jewelry designer Mariella Pilato. Delhi-dependent Hanut Singh, whose exclusive pieces embody precious gems and timeless Artwork Deco/futurist/tribal silhouettes, and Dagmar Zaragoza, who generates personalized beaded night baggage and pouches, also animate the Argyle and Valentine blend.

Whilst Soundbody’s conceptual 18-karat gold jewelry is the peak of stylish, Rose mentioned that, “Acid Queen Jewellery has produced exceptional and irresistible statement parts for us like a breastplate necklace of lapis lazuli and crystals. I am very pleased to be championing all of these artists,” she said. “I am thrilled to be mentoring Rio Caster,” she explained. “Rio Caster is all of 20 several years aged, and he carves his have waxes to build really in-depth and gender-fluid jewels that are stylistically distinctive, quickly recognizable. It’s an experience to be functioning with him and notice his evolution.”

Designer Hanut Singh reported it is only organic that Rose would reach this place in her career. “Kathy has been spotting talented jewelers, designers and other gifted makers for a long time,” he linked. “She has nurtured numerous of us on a journey of creativity and collaboration. She qualified prospects the Zeitgeist and aids foster the men and women and procedures that make lifestyle far more significant, and alive with beauty.” Whilst Rose is also modest to say so, she’s always been a tastemaker and a threat taker. In Argyle & Valentine, she has produced a 21st century applied arts collective that lives on the web and in the bodily world. “It’s awe-inspiring to function with artisans and artists who are so consistently initial and creatively adventurous,” she reported. “I am continually amazed by their capacity to create abnormal, charming and life-maximizing treasures.” For merchandise info or to reserve personalized appointments pretty much or physically, clientele can contact: [email protected]