By Maecy Rayborn

IMC Student

Miss Behavin is one of the most popular boutiques on the Oxford Square. From game day outfits to dresses for a date party or formal, Miss Behavin always has options. 

Hallie Hobson, a former employee at Miss Behavin, worked there all four years of her college career.

 “I absolutely loved working at Miss Behavin,” Hobson said. “I became best friends with all of my co-workers and we always had so much fun. It almost didn’t even feel like work. Plus, I love clothes and putting together outfits, so it was really awesome to be able to experience doing what I love with my friends.”

Miss Behavin is known for unique clothes and jewelry, and also does a lot of promoting on its Instagram account, which brings in many customers.

Said Hobson: “I think something that I have learned and taken away from working at Miss Behavin would be learning how to navigate social media and learn what kind of content will bring customers into the store and also social skills. While working just one shift, you talk to so many people and help them find their version of a perfect outfit.

“One of my favorite things was posting outfits on Instagram. We would get all of our employees together and dress each other in our favorite outfits and have a photo shoot to promote sales.”  

Looking at Instagram, you can tell they work hard to make these perfect and different outfits to bring in different types of shoppers.

“One of the most memorable moments while working at Miss Behavin was always the week before a big game day. We would make a whole section full of navy, white and red outfits and put them on mannequins for display, Hobson said.

“it was so much fun because we all got to make our perfect version of the outfits. Putting those outfits together with all of my coworkers was so much fun and definitely something that I always looked forward to during football season. We even did that during baseball season as well. I loved blasting music once the store closed and picking out all of the perfect outfits for game days, also we went to Los Angeles to go to market and we picked out a bunch of clothing items we sold in our store.”

Gabby Sullivan, a junior at Ole Miss, is a current employee at Miss Behavin and is benefitting from the experience.

 “The main thing that I have learned while working at Miss Behavin was to have a lot of patience,” she said. “You talk to people so much when you are working a shift and you have to learn to be patient when you are helping them pick out an outfit, I also learned that the customer is always right.”  

Sullivan describes Miss Behavin as a positive working environment, and she knows that her coworkers are always there for her.

“One of the most rewarding parts of this job is making people happy; you can make someone’s day with the perfect outfit and a positive attitude,” said Sullivan. 

Like Hobson, Sullivan pointed to the L.A. trip as an exciting part of the job.

“Every spring a few employees get the opportunity to go to Los Angeles, California, to merchandise and pick out outfits for the store,” she said. “I got the opportunity to go last year and it was absolutely one of my favorite trips.”

It was her first trip to California, she said, “so it was really awesome to get to see that part of the world and be able to pick out outfits and experience all of the hard work and dedication that actually goes into working or owning a boutique that is so successful.”