MANAMA, Bahrain, Nov. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meet HOLYGEMS – The World’s Only Jewelry Inlaid with Never-Seen-before, Extremely Rare, Natural Precious Gems, Exclusively Mined from the Holy Land.

Following a prophetic revelation, and for the first time in history, precious gems are mined from Israel, including blue and green Sapphire, red Garnet, black Spinel and a unique gemstone found only in Israel: the Carmel-Sapphire.

These precious Gems including the Carmel Sapphire™ embedded into a modern jewelry collection combining top quality diamonds from the Israeli Diamond exchange will make history in a first ever collaboration with the BJC – Bahrain jewelry Center.

HolyGems Line of jewelry and “pieces” made especially for 2022 exhibition will be displayed throughout the event between 22nd-26th of November

The Story of HolyGems:

Abraham (Avi) Taub, a descendant of a pioneer family with long-standing three generation presence in the diamond and luxury jewelry market in Israel, heard about something that the Lubavitcher Rebbe (the most influential international Jewish leader of the 20th century) said in 1988. In a filmed interview with the then mayor of Haifa, the Rebbe said that there are precious gemstones in the Haifa and Carmel area in the Land of Israel, and that the Almighty did a wondrous thing when he himself concealed them in the depths of this Holy Land.

Taub was a loyal follower of the Rebbe and an experienced businessman, and this statement did not give him rest. Thus, in 1999, along with several partners and the Rebbe’s revelation guiding his actions, Taub established a company (Shefa in Israel G.M. Ltd) for the exploration, research and development of precious gem mines in the north of the Land of Israel.

In March 2020, five months after Mr. Taub’s sudden death, and after 20 years of R&D in collaboration with international experts and research institutes, the State of Israel, for the first time ever, issued a Discovery Certificate confirming that an economic deposit of precious gems was found in the areas for which the company holds license.

These gems from the holy land to three religions and most exhilarating source, are imbued with significance and meaning, including their mystical and energetic Virtues. Together with the company’s ability to provide an origin and traceability certificate of each gem from mine to customer (in itself highly rare transparency) – this discovery creates great interest in the luxury jewelry market.   

Tali Shalem-Taub, CEO. “We are delighted and extremely excited to share our unique Gems and collection with the GCC market which is known for its great interest in innovative and new discoveries such as HolyGems”.

 “we heard a lot about this coming event in Manama and happy to take part in making a small history collaborate with the organization of BJC. We are so grateful for this opportunity” said Tali Shalem-Taub

Owing to the rarity of their inlaid gems the jewelry pieces in this collection cannot be commercially manufactured and are one-of-a-kind.

Price range – from $20,000 to $1,000,000.


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