Warm browns, indigo blue and fuscia pink – these are just a few colors to wear this fall, according to fashionistas at Marie Claire Magazine.

Instead of throwing on last year’s olive raincoat, or a pair of plain black boots, these color trends might inspire you rock a bright red coat, or a pair of clay brown boots. This season, the fashion industry is hoping to elevate cold-weather outfits with bright, saturated tones. Thanks to a handful of local boutiques, York County residents, can also follow the trends this season.

Here are 8 Central PA boutiques where you can find these colors and complete your fall wardrobe:

Where: 2523 S. Queen St., York

Tucked in the Olde Tollgate Village in York, Compass Rose Boutique has closet necessities such as dresses, T-shirts and bottoms, offered in a range of chic and trendy styles. The easy-to-wear, curated collections at Compass Rose are designed in LA for the “busy, working woman.” The showroom is bursting with all types of soft browns and yellow pieces this season.  

Where: 39 W Philadelphia St., York

Named after a color that offers a sense of calmness and serenity, Indigo Bleu has featured Bohemian styles through designer clothing and accessories since 2014. It’s no surprise that the Fall 2021 selection carries pieces with the up-to-date colors of the season. Check out the Instagram and online store for more styles like these. 

Where: North Hanover Mall (next to Burlington Coat Factory) 

Open since August 2021, Sparkle in Time Boutique offers a variety of pieces from designers across the country. Former New York Fashion Week model and stylist Chakay Benjamin filled her store with bright, colorful clothing and accessories to complete a casual everyday outfit or a dressy night out.

Where: 7 E. Market St, York

At her boutique in downtown York, Victoria Kageni is “celebrating cultural diversity through clothing.” Kageni has been sewing since she was 9 years old, and the world of mass-produced clothing inspired her to open a boutique that featured creations made by her. Opened in 2010, Gusa by Victoria features Kageni’s bold and brightly colored clothing collection, from fiery red outerwear, to dark blue and yellow everyday dresses and shirts. 

Lovely-Wrap dress. – Gusa by Victoria

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