Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 ups the game by combining the Google WearOS on a familiar interface. At the same time, the digital dial ups the stylish game of the watch. However, if you still want to enhance your experience, we’d recommend pairing the watch with a few cool accessories.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Accessories

So if you are in the market looking for some cool accessories to enhance your smartwatch game even more, here are the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 accessories you can buy.

Without further ado, let’s check them out. But first,

1. Sports Band: Acestar Soft Nylon Watch Bands

Acestar Soft Nylon Watch Bands

The Acestar nylon band is the one for you if you are an active person. It’s soft, and the nylon loop makes it easy to wear. You have to slip it into your wrist like a bracelet and tighten it as per your preference. It’s breathable and soft, which makes it comfortable to wear for extensive periods.

It’s easy to install. You have to attach the plastic ends to either end of the watch dial. It doesn’t need any special tool for installation.

So far, the Acestar nylon band has received good reviews from its user base with people praising it for its fit, soft material, and easy installation process.

2. Sports Band: Meliya Elastic Bands

Meliya Elastic Bands

If you would love to sport different bands now and then, then the 3-pack nylon bands from Meliya are what you are looking for. These are comfortable and functional bands that look and feel great. The best part is that wearing these bands is fuss-free and hassle-free.

Like the ones above, the ends are made of plastic. Thankfully they do not lend a cheap look to the overall arrangement. More importantly, they hold securely to the watch.

The material is breathable, which makes them convenient to wear during workouts or summer days. And for the price, a 3-pack strap is a bang for a buck deal.

3. Dual Wireless Charger: Samsung Charge Pad DUO

Samsung Charge Pad DUO

The Samsung Charge Pad DUO brings a ton of convenience to the table. It lets you charge both your Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch and your (wireless compatible) smartwatch simultaneously. The watch placement has a magnet underneath, due to which the watch remains in position and doesn’t move.

Apart from that, the other wireless spot can be used to charge your compatible smartphone and earbuds. For the record, the charger delivers 9W of power. It’s not the fastest charger out there, but you can leave the phone overnight, and wake up to a fully charged phone and watch in the morning.

The charging pad isn’t too big, and the odds are that it will fit well into your bedside table or office desk.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Hatalkin Wireless Charger. This one costs almost half of the Samsung charger. And so far, it has raked in good user reviews.

4. Screen Protector: SPGuard Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector

SPGuard Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector

Watch screens are probably one of the first watch accessories you should invest in because watches are prone to bumps and scratches against door frames and table corners. These protectors offer external protection and keep the actual screen of your watch in pristine condition.

The company ships an alignment tool that makes it easy to apply the protector.

The SPGuard screen protector is perhaps one of the inexpensive products out there. While it does protect the screen from external harm, it’s not the most durable screen guard out there.

5. Protective Case: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor

If you tend to bump your wrists against tables and door frames, you should get a protective case for your watch. The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is a low-profile case that protects the watch body from regular wear and tear. At the same time, it has the cutouts all at the right place for the sensor and the rotating bezel and does not hinder the watch functionality.

Though the initial installation can be a bit of a task, you can rest assured that it provides good protection from external damage. That said, the fit is on point, and the material is durable.

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5 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Accessories