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Oh, this lil dinner party? You just casually threw it together with some no-big-deal recipes (yes, we planned your signature cocktails and apps for you) and really (really) great taste in dishware and candles. It’s whatever.

You already know that if you serve food that’s gorgeous to begin with, it’s only going to get more gorgeous when you add sexy-ass glasses, serving dishes, and tumblers, and gold silverware to the spread. (You will be influenced to purchase a ceramic serving bowl in the shape of a sun by the end of this, trust us.) And you can’t forget about the decor. We’re talking about all the extras: candlesticks! vases! cheese boards! and everything else you need on your table.

Yes, these hand-blown glass and Italian china statement pieces aren’t cheap, if we’re being honest, (people making wedding registries, you’re welcome) but they’re a necessary investment toward becoming classiest party host imaginable. Plus, no one’s saying you only can use them when you’re having your six closest pals over for cocktails. If you wanna spice things up on a Monday night and bust out these dining accessories, no one’s stopping you.

So basically: Setting the mood with chic dishware and a tablecloth can give even mac n’ cheese Michelin vibes—here are the sexiest kitchen accessories and serveware options we could find to give you dinner party ideas for days.

Food styled by Beth Pakradoon.

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This Classy Pitcher

Bubble Glass Pitcher

Maybe you were tempted to plop your Brita filter on the table and call it a day. That’s fine, but you could opt for this sophisticated pitcher instead.


These Fancy Goblets

Calypso Glass Set

Whether you’re filling these with a nice heavy pour of pinot grigio or just plain water, your drinks will be looking super cute.

P.S. They are hand-blown glass and come in a set of two.


This Sexy Knife

Poglia Signature Horn&Bone

Genuinely, this is the best-looking knife I’ve ever seen. Def worth the splurge for slicing steak, cheese, or whatever you want to show off with.


This Gorge Cutting Board

Williams Sonoma End-Grain Cutting Board

Whenever you host a dinner, you wanna have cutting boards on hand that are pretty enough to leave out when guests arrive. Ya know, like this walnut one.


These Wavy Candlesticks

Wavy Taper Candles

Candlesticks can feel kinda like something your parents got as a wedding gift, but not these squiggly ones. They come in a set of two in five different color options!


This Trendy Candlestick Holder

Warm Glass Candlesticks or Vase

Where to put your squiggly candles, you ask? These guys. They double as a vase if you want to go with roses instead of a candlelit dinner.


These Rosé-Colored Glasses

Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Coupe

These colored glasses are for gimlets, Manhattans, or daiquiris (the frozen kind from the grocery store are fine, if that’s your vibe).


This Chic Gold Silverware

Vienna Flatware, Set of 24

Your flatware needs to be gold to go with this whole decadent vibe. It’ll make every place setting look infinitely better.


This Super Pretty Italian Bowl

Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Small Serving Bowl, Porpora

China on the table isn’t just for your grandma’s dining room. Plus this is from Italy, which automatically makes it more chic.


These Artsy Plates

Colorblock Dinner Plate, Set of 4

Don’t be surprised if your white dishes are jealous of this set that adds a pop of color to your table.


These Stylish Glasses

Ghost Tumbler

If you’re serving up cocktails featuring very little mixer, go with this set of classy glasses.


This Modern-Looking Vase

Rings Double-Walled Glass Vase

A real adult dinner party is not possible without flowers on the table. You can store your stems (silk or fresh!) in this super cool pink glass vase.


These Vintage Bowls

Ombré Rose Pink/Lilac/Blue Glass Chip & Dip Set

You could put your chips and salsa in a plastic bowl. But why would you when this vintage 1950’s ombré number exists?


This Amazing Solar Serving Bowl

Mellow NYC Sun Bowl

Truthfully, this dish will be the center of your table, making any entrée you put in it appear even more delicious.


This Freakin’ Cool Marble Serving Board

Stone Cutting Board

Though it may be a mini workout to carry this over to your dinner table, it makes any cheese you put on there instantly IG-worthy. One reviewer calls it “exquisite,” so there ya have it.

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