12 Amazon Travel Gear Picks That Look Designer

My love for comfortable travel clothing knows no bounds. And that love can only be topped by one thing: if my comfortable travel outfit looks more expensive than it really is. Over the years of being a travel and shopping writer, I’ve finally cracked the code to looking like I’m flying First Class even if I’m not, and it’s all thanks to the affordable options at Amazon.

For example, I was recently shopping for a bodysuit. I typically prefer a thick, well-made one, and my favorites tend to be from Abercrombie & Fitch. The mid-priced Abercrombie Crew Neck Bodysuit, for instance, is a high-quality, stretchy cotton number, and it retails for $45. But recently, during one of my routine Amazon digs, I discovered this one by a brand called Mangopop, and it’s strikingly similar. More than 9,000 Amazon five-star reviewers vouch for it, too —  and this doppelganger is half the price at just $22.

Amazon, it turns out, is packed to the gills with top-rated clothing, accessories and even travel bags that look, fit, and perform like some of the most coveted high-end items out there. But in true Amazon fashion, these finds are blissfully affordable. It was easy to pinpoint 12 travel-friendly picks that belong in your shopping cart — and then in your suitcase — stat. Among them are lookalikes of brand names like Theory, Aritzia, Marc Jacobs, Tumi, and yes, even Gucci: a dead-ringer of one of their most famous pairs of loafers for less than $30, in fact. Go ahead and treat yourself: even if you’re flying Economy, no one would ever know it with these styles. 

Steve Madden Women’s Rezume Sneaker


We travelers love our sneakers, don’t we? While in Lisbon, I found a pair of sneakers that looked just like those famous Golden Goose sneakers. You know, the ones with the star on the side and the distressed finish that somehow retail for $915? In this particular pair it’s the Swarovski crystal embellishments, but I found a pair by Steve Madden that uses crushed glitter to pretty much the same effect — and this pair costs just $80. Same distressed look, too, so you’ll definitely be fooling everyone around you. One shopper wrote, “For those of you asking, they are an exact knock off of the pricey Golden Goose sneakers… which I also own. I barely wear those. They are not as comfortable.”

Cosetten The Tote Bag


This might be one of the best steals I found. The Marc Jacobs tote bag is pretty recognizable, but you’d need an eagle eye to tell it apart from Amazon’s Cosetten tote bag, especially in the cream version. It has the same shape, the same handles and the same stitching; the only thing it doesn’t have is the Marc Jacobs brand name. But when you compare $450 to an economical $29, it sure is worth it. Just think of how many souvenirs you can carry in there! “The entire bag is fantastic! If can be pulled off as a real Marc Jacob bag,” wrote a happy shopper. “The leather is nice and it smells like leather when you open it.”

Queenieke Running Jacket


Who’s not a sucker for a good Lululemon piece? The Define jacket kind of defines the brand, and it retails for $118. But this Amazon version by Queenieke is so similar, even in color, that Amazon shoppers are drawing comparisons. It has the same fitted cut, the same stylish seams and it’s made of sweat-wicking fabric so it performs well, too. “I bought this after my coworker had the Lululemon brand one that looks similar,” wrote a happy reviewer. “I do not make Lululemon $$$$. But I still like to look like I do.”

Libin Cargo Joggers


Lightweight and stretchy, the Abercrombie & Fitch YPB Motion Tech cargo joggers were made for active travelers. They retail for $80, but Amazon’s Libin Cargo joggers are just $35. They have the same drapey fit, elasticized waist and ankle cuffs and handy pockets on the sides. They’ve got something extra too: built-in UPF 50+ sun protection. Almost 9,000 Amazon shoppers gave them a five star review. One wrote: “I bought them to travel. Perfect airplane pants, plenty of pockets for everything: phone, ID, passport, money, anything for a quick grab. Comfortable for all day wear. Very light weight, soft, and they breathe.”

Amazon Basics Hanging Travel Bag


Tumi is a status symbol for sure, and the company’s Alpha hanging toiletry bag has a price tag that reflects that: $195. But check out this one by Amazon Basics: it’s so similar it’s hard to tell the two apart, and this one is just $19 on sale. Like the Tumi, it’s packed with compartments and it’s also made of waterproof fabric in case of spills. “This is almost identical to a Tumi toiletry bag, which sells for almost ten times as much,” one of thousands of astute reviewers pointed out. “Very good quality, seems sturdy, and like it will last for many uses. I think the organization and compartments are well thought out.”

Bison Spirit Mules Slip-on Loafers


When I say identical, I mean identical: the sophisticated Gucci Princeton Leather Slipper that retails for a whopping $860 has a twin on Amazon that’s only $35. The gold buckle on top of the Bison Spirit mule is impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Shape of the shoe? Same. The heel? Same. You’ll be enamored and want to book a trip to the Amalfi Coast just to look dapper in them. “I have worn them every day since I got them. So comfortable,” one shopper attested.

Rooscier Women’s Satin Collar Wrap V Neck


Theory’s Silk Georgette Wrap blouse is a stunner, and so is its $395 price tag — just not in a good way. But Amazon’s Rooscier blouse could pass for the real thing at a much more palatable $26. It has the same satiny finish, the same billowy sleeves and the same ruched wrapping effect on the side. It even has a collar just like the original. Wear it tucked into a pair of jeans or loose over a pair of slacks to be dinnertime chic in your favorite city.

Tianyesy Sunglasses


Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses have that signature look: you know them when you see them based on the geometric shapes within the frames. There’s a hexagonal pair that pretty distinctly belongs to the brand, and it retails for $317. Amazon has a pair that looks almost exactly the same except for the D&G logo on the side, but who’s going to really know it’s missing? And who’s going to know that this pair is just — brace yourself — $8? And yes, this pair has UV protection. “They are so cute! They have a nice weight to them too which makes them feel very high end for the price point,” one person wrote.

Luvamia Blazer


I bought myself a versatile Aritzia blazer for my birthday a few years ago and it’s a mainstay in my suitcase. I’m pretty sure it’s the Aritzia Babaton Blazer, which the company sells for $198. I love the unique, angular cut and the fact that it has no collar — so stylish. For just $44 you can have basically the exact same thing in Amazon’s Luvamia blazer. It’s lined and machine-washable. “I love the fit and look of this jacket. Light and airy, not heavy. Feels like linen,” wrote a fan.

Pumiey High-Neck Sleeveless Bodysuit


You’re probably seeing high-neck halter bodysuits everywhere and have been for a while. A lot of brands make them, including Revolve and Skims. Revolve’s popular Reading Bodysuit is $98 while the coveted Skims Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit is $58, but Amazon’s version by Pumiey is on sale for just $22. It sculpts, skims, and stretches just like its pricier counterparts. “This body suit is so flattering and soft. I love this brand way more than Skims,” wrote a delighted reviewer. “The crotch area is made well and is comfortable. Material is stretchy but not see through. I used nipple covers and went braless. 10/10 would recommend.”

Frank Mully Pointed Toe Flats


Rothy’s: to know them is to love them —  but not necessarily to afford them. The ultimate knit, washable travel shoes retail for $149, but check out this Frank Mully version for just $39. It’s identical to Rothy’s The Point flats, and comes in a lot of the same colors and patterns including my favorite: leopard print. “These are so comfortable and look just like Rothy’s! No one needs to know they are not,” wrote one of thousands of five-star reviewers. 

Jessica Simpson Denim Whisker Wash Wide-Leg Jeans


It’s a bold statement, but Madewell made it: The Perfect Vintage Wide Leg Jeans are, admittedly, incredibly cool — but they’re also pretty pricey. Log on to Amazon, though, and you’ll see that Jessica Simpson’s denim line is a strong competitor with its Whisker Wash Wide Leg Jeans for just $52. That’s less than half the price of Madewell. “Second pair of Jessica Simpson jeans I bought. Extremely well made and the fit is great,” wrote someone from the singer-turned-fashion mogul’s strong fan base.

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